If you’re here then you’re wondering what on earth this page is all about, and luckily I can offer you an explanation.

A lot of people that enter the giant adult world from college/university have absolutely no idea what they’re doing, or what they want to do. Me included. However through my choices it has become apparent that this could be a way to document and share my “knowledge” or helpful advice on how to go about adult life. As we all know it is a serious struggle. Most of my advice will focusĀ on those wanting to follow in footsteps similar to mine, the PhD route. As time goes on, I will be able to offer advice on job hunting as the doom and gloom of actual adulting starts to loom.

But if you want a log of what its actually like to do a PhD, stories of what goes on from week to week, the trials and tribulations of life itself, some game/film reviews and then the occasional rant. You might want to stick around…