A Day In The Life Of A PhD: Am I Doing This Correctly?

At this point, you have probably realised that the course you’re on now is a whole different kettle of fish. Imagine running down a hill, backwards, upside down, with ankle weights… that highlights the difficulty. Similar to the jump between GCSE and A level (how ridiculous was that…).


This is the beginning of the adventure, you’re settling into the flow and getting a routine together, which is key. It took me such a long time to settle into a routine, in fact I don’t even think I’ve got one now. Are you able to buy them from Tesco or B&M? I hope so, I’m in dire need.

When you have settled into the office, you’ve made your friends, had a few pints with them and sussed out the situations in the office. You may have even got your eye on your favourite… computer. If you’ve already got yourself a computer, some people are lucky enough to have their own, then you have even built yourself a nest of papers, notes and other shit bits. Marking your territory isn’t it?


When you have reached this stage, around a month in or so, the work is real, the adult life is starting to shape, or so you think, and you have probably been out drinking more than you have ever done before… I did. I think I have done this whole uni thing backwards!

After the first month, you have probably struggled through, with little money, but you reach the first major point…. PAY DAY. It is such an amazing feeling, it’s like finding a fiver in a wallet or coat pocket that you haven’t used in absolutely ages. Probably a wallet that has a football team on it that you never supported or something… I had one like that, like what the shit, I have never been interested in football but blow off the cobwebs of your bank account because it’s been replenished. Unless you’re one of the lucky folk who is able to self fund your project.


Now most sensible people will put this money away or save it, I can recommend this is the most adult thing you can do… So should probably recommend you do that. However so far, I have spent a good fraction of money on food, booze, food, booze and video games. I did say I was a nerd didn’t I? If that wasn’t apparent already then it should be by now! I have never sounded so single… oh well.

However when the ecstasy of the money in your bank account has worn off, that feeling comes round every month! The worst part about the first few months is the horrendous imposter syndrome. It sets in around this time, and it is horrible. If you’re not sure what this is, its the constant feeling that you’re not good enough to be where you are or that you’re always doing it wrong and haven’t done enough to have earned your position. Don’t ever underestimate it, just power through! I can safely say that I’ve had this and have been told that some lecturers even have it… proving they’re human, not some massive demon that just wants to inflict pain through assignments and dissertations. Although that is how they appear at first isn’t it?

What I have noticed is that the best thing to do is to have a nice work/life balance split. Keep work at work if you get me, that way you have time to absolutely smash some box sets at home. Recommendations: Sons of Anarchy, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Westworld, Peaky Blinders… to name but a few. I know a few people who would recommend Pretty Little Liars, but I can’t confirm the quality of this…
Any box set with multiple series will get you through. This is probably the reason I don’t get any work done at home isn’t it?


I must say I’ve been very lax with my posts, and I am currently writing this whilst watching Kingsman. Top film. I should probably get on top of my posts. Film reviews/ Game reviews and maybe some posts about all sorts of random cack.



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