So here we go…

This is new, this is scary and I’m terrible at English. This can only go one way right?

After months saying it and claiming that I’m going to actually write a blog, I’m actually finally doing it, had the full intention of writing useful stuff down but that will come eventually. The whole premise of this little idea is to share an inside and personal view into what it is actually like to do a PhD. There is so much I can say about that and nobody actually tells you the truth when they’re asked about it, they just say that “it’s good, stressful but good” or they just leave it with “it’s alright“. What kind of honest opinion is that?

So after being all talk and no do, I’ve managed to start it, doesn’t matter how shite I am at explaining, I will find a way of brain vomiting it onto this page. There will be all sorts that I will share, memes, tales, memes, rants, reviews and then some more memes, how much better can it get?

chrimbo limbo

So basically to give you a little summary of myself, I’m a Chemistry PhD student, film and tv junkie, gamer and full time procrastinator. Thinking about it, I should probably be writing my thesis? Oh well! I play Rugby (union, the best one), 17 years of it, not sure how much of a good idea it is to continue playing whilst doing my course, a ‘pegleg’ or a crocked arm would not go down well in the lab…

So where do we go from here? For me, a key stage 3 English lesson to re learn the basics. Via a pub preferably. Speaking of which, The Town Mouse Ale House, Newcastle. Micro Brewery. Absolutely amazing. Cannot recommend it enough. I’m not on commission I swear!


So far I’ve just said what came to mind first. Next time I’ll probably plan it out and start with some actual posts? Not gonna lie, after writing all this I feel less like a buffalo trying to skydive, I was going to say swim, but it turns they can actually do that. Yes I googled it.

So, thats this one done, onwards and upwards eh?



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